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We exist to bring glory to God. This is why we were created. This is the ultimate purpose of the Church. This is our hope and aim for City Bible Church.



The church is not a place, it is a people; God’s people who are called to live in community. This is where life happens. This is where we love one another and serve one another; and as we grow together we become more like our Savior Jesus Christ. It is through the local church that God’s love and power is most beautifully displayed.



For too long the church has been known for what it is against; we want to be known for what we are for. We are for the city. We are for the poor and the rich, the weak and the strong, the helpless and the hopeless. We long to see Christ exalted and God glorified in this city. We believe the greatest hope for Beirut is a people who have been transformed by the gospel. This city is where we begin, but not where we end. We hope to see churches planted throughout this country, region, and to the ends of the earth – and we will work towards that end.



The gospel is everything. It is not only the beginning of Christianity but the whole of it. The good news of Jesus Christ is our only hope in life and death. It is the banner we carry. It is the message we proclaim. The gospel is at the center of our identity as a church. 

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