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L I V E S  R E N E W E D

It’s not difficult to see all the brokenness and suffering that fills our world, yet all the needs in this world cannot compare to our greatest need to know God and be saved from sin. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Through the good news of Jesus, man can recognize their greatest need and be reconciled to God. 

We know there are lots of ways to combat lostness, but we believe that God’s regular means of making himself known is through the church. So our prayer and plan is to plant a church that will boldly and faithfully proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to a people that have never heard the good news. As God’s Word is unashamedly preached we expect that He will make himself known. 

As He reveals himself through his Word, lives will be renewed.  Men and women will die to themselves and will live unto Christ. These disciples will go out with the gospel of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit and God will make more disciples. 

Our desire is to see many lives renewed for the glory of God! 

C I T Y  R E N E W E D

All the hurt and brokenness of our world can be found in the city of Beirut. Hunger, poverty, prostitution, sex trafficking, violence, orphans, refugees...sadly, the list could go on. It breaks our hearts that so many in Beirut will live a life of suffering without ever hearing the gospel, and then continue in suffering for all eternity.

Christians have been commissioned to take the gospel everywhere. The Church is called to represent God’s kingdom here on earth, and therefore is responsible to care for the lost and hurting as Christ did.

We desire for the gospel and love of Christ to overflow from the church! Men and women with transformed lives will impact their schools, offices, and homes for the glory of God.

The greatest hope for this broken and war-torn city are disciples who have been renewed by the gospel. They are equipped to care for and love their city in a way that no one else can because they understand both temporal and eternal needs.

We pray that Beirut will be a better place to live because of City Bible Church. 

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